Júnior Empresas do Instituto Superior Técnico


JUNITEC has 30 years of story to tell...


Our activities


JUNITEC develops several engineering projects with the aim of innovating and creating new ideas, improving the technical capabilities of its active members.

We organize and attend events of multiple natures, from social responsibility events to technological and academic. This way, we can be closer to our community and to our customers.



JUNITEC provides external services of a technical nature and we have members with training in multiple areas. If you want to know more,contact us!

We offer our members formations in multiple areas, with the main goal of improving the technical capacities and soft-skills of the JUNITEC's members. We also host external training courses in many relevant areas.Contact us!


João Nuno Santos

JUNITEC, throughout its 30 years of history, has always been guided by the promotion of entrepreneurship and by an eclectic appreciation of its members. For this mission to be attainable, it is necessary the contribution of all the members, who must have as fundamental characteristics: ambition, perseverance and group spirit. I’m sure that the combination of these values, coupled with greater proximity to the business community, will lead not only to successful innovative projects but also to members who will stand out from the experience gained in our Junior Enterprise.

João Nuno Santos
JUNITEC's president


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